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what makes a designer

A designer is a professional with a sense of planning, knowledge of materials and structures, mixing knowledge of architecture with decorative art, with the ability to create emotional connections using interior design and make your life feel balanced.

how it works

Our designer will discuss everything with you – all the possible options of transforming your space and potentially adding more decoration. The customers should know what their budget is and in return we would create a complete visualisation and execution of the turnkey project for them.

why is it successful

You would save money by avoiding mistakes when choosing the wrong furniture, material and decoration. A designer knows exactly what your property needs, where to find it and saves you time, energy and money.


Living room transformation for an elderly couple.

We changed the layout and blocked the door to gain more space. The owners wanted to use natural colours and wood. We added grey and white shades on all wood décor and wallpapers. Roman blinds and curtains were a nice touch which completed the interior.


studio apartment, New Town

office and walk-in wardrobe, Kunratice

Airbnb apartment, Kampa

Airbnb, Kampa

bathroom, Pňovice

bathroom, Pňovice

Great renovation to save a retro bathroom from the 1960s in an old house that belonged to our customer’s grandmother. This renovation was documented by the Czech Television and you can watch the episode here.

kitchen makeover, Prague

bedroom, Prague

A bedroom in a rental apartment for Anna, who loves Frida Kahlo. A temporary room turned into a cosy colourful bedroom. You can watch the whole process here.

proměna kuchyně v Praze

A proper sized kitchen in a gourmet style. Our design team is building a kitchen for true food lovers.

Watch this episode here.

feng-shui bedroom, Prague

Sometimes all you need is to give your furniture a little “shove”. You can watch this episode full of harmony here.

apartment, Prague

A very original take on an apartment for a short-term let in the centre of Prague.

We breathed new life and energy into the living space.

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